Day Camp Extended Care: Teens - 16333

College Pk CC After Care C.I.T.: Teens

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College Pk CC After Care C.I.T.: Teens

Meeting Details

Time: 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Days: Mon - Fri
College Park Community Center
5051 Pierce Ave
College Park, MD, 20740


Age older than or equal to 13.00 and younger than or equal to 17.99. The date used for calculating the age is Item End Date.
Match One Family Member Feature(s) of: BV.
Before you can enroll in a Day Camp, please register in our Summer Program Information Section 16600-300A.
Activity Type of 'Virtual Programs'
Activity Section Code of '16600_300A,16600_ZZZ'
Household Category of Montgomery County Resident, Non-Resident.
Transaction Date/Time on or after 03/20/24 @ 9:00 am.
Household Category of Prince George's County Resident, Impact Area.
Not Info Section
Transaction Date/Time on or after 03/13/24 @ 9:00 am.
Activity Section Code of '16600_300A,16600_ZZZ'


Individuals who have been suspended by Park Police will be ineligible for registration.
Registration will not be permitted for accounts that have unpaid debt balances.

College Pk CC After Care C.I.T.: Teens

Extended hours programming for camp and childcare.


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